New Logo & Catalogue 2021

A New Catalogue and a Brand New Logo!

We are happy to announce that Eleven International Publishing has officially changed its name to Eleven and that we have a brand new logo to go with it!

Eleven has always been synonymous with high-quality publications and a reader-orientated approach. The name change reflects our commitment to keeping our core ideals, while not being afraid to evolve and modernise for our authors, our readers and the academic community. We are looking forward continuing to provide you with the best sources in the fields of law, criminology, and public administration as Eleven!

Eleven Catalogue 2021

Discover all our new and forthcoming titles about the fields of law, criminology and public administration in our 2021 catalogue! Click here to browse or download our general catalogue. Click here to discover our special textbook edition, highlighting our law textbook publications!

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