Open Access

We aim to provide maximum access to scholarly publications and contribute therefore actively to the development of Open Access.

Boom uitgevers Den Haag is in principle a “Green” Open Access publisher. The author of a scholarly publication has the right to make his/her journal article or contribution to an edited volume online available to the public free of charge, six months after publication, provided a reference to the original source of publication is clearly given. This means that, as long as there is no commercial purpose, the author can archive the final PDF file of his/her journal article or contribution to an edited volume in the repository of the academic institution where the author works, in an independent repository or on the personal website of the author.

Boom uitgevers Den Haag also offers “Gold” Open Access meaning that we also offer Open Access in exchange for a Publication Charge. This option is available for full books and journal contributions. Publishing in Open Access means that the digital version of the work will be free to access for anyone and the work can be shared everywhere directly after publication. This can improve downloads and citations and can increase usage and impact of the work.
Beleidsonderzoek Online
  • Drs. B. Dekker; Dr. J. Fledderus; Mr. dr. J.R. Lunsing; Dr. J.W.M. Mevissen; Dr. V.E. Pattyn; Drs. S. van de Pol; Drs. M.J.M.P. Schroeten; Dr. M.L. Sijpenhof; Prof. dr. E. Wayenberg
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