Information for teachers

Requesting a teacher’s copy
All our textbooks are available as a teacher’s copy. If you would like to assess a book for use in education, you can request a copy via our website. Look for the book on our webshop and then click on the ‘Teacher’s copy’ tab. Unfortunately we cannot process requests sent to us by e-mail.

We only issue teacher’s copies to teachers at higher professional institutions and universities. We only process requests that are submitted using the e-mail address that you have at your institution. We reserve the right to turn down requests for teacher’s copies. If that is the case, we will always contact you to discuss your request.

Four weeks after sending you the book, we will send you an e-mail inviting you to answer a few evaluation questions online.

Your contact details will be included in our database of teachers and will be used to keep you informed about new textbooks in your field that may be relevant to you.

If you are requesting a book for someone else, then please be sure to mention the name and the e-mail address of the teacher for whom you are requesting the book.

Multiple copies
Do you want to request multiple copies for a team of teachers? Please don't use the application form, but send your request to

Considering adding a book to your required reading list?
Please do inform us of your intentions well in advance so that you won’t be surprised by any out-of-stock notices. Simply email us your request with the following details:
  • The name of the University or Institute
  • The course name and the starting date
  • The number of students enrolled in the course
Book formats
Our goal is to offer all of our titles that are available as teacher’s copies as electronic books (in PDF format) and as printed copies. The application form states whether the title is available as an electronic book (PDF) and/or as a printed copy.

Any questions?
Should you have any questions about our textbooks, then please get in touch with Suzanne De Jagher at