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International Business Courts

International Business Courts provides a comprehensive critical evaluation of the institutional design and procedural rules of established and emerging international business courts. It focuses on major European and global centres. It assesses to what extent these courts, the competition between them and their inter­relationship with arbitration, contribute to justice innovation. It considers their impact on access to justice and the global litigation market, as well as their effect on the rule of law. Read this book online here!

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Building Blocks for the Development of an International Framework for the Governance of Space Resource Activities

The development of space resources activities is happening now. In the absence of a clear framework to govern these activities there is a need to formulate such a framework in line with existing treaty obligations, in order to enable, support and coordinate the use of space resources in a manner that is acceptable for all stakeholders. This book provides a unique and comprehensive coverage of the work of The Hague International Space Resources Governance Group, established in 2016 with the purpose of assessing the need and laying the groundwork for such a framework. Read this book online here!

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  • D.J. Verheij
  • Expected: 5 november 2020
Recent Developments in Turkish Family Law
  • F. Ibili
  • Expected: 9 november 2020
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  • Expert Group on Climate Obligations of Enterprises
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  • Gustavo Moser and Michael Mcllwrath
  • Expected: 1 december 2020

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