About the publisher

Boom uitgevers Den Haag (BuDH) is part of Koninklijke Boom uitgevers. A family business, Boom uitgevers was founded in 1841 and has since grown into a publishing group whose activities include developing multimedia operations that provide information of the highest standard for the nation. Koninklijke Boom uitgevers distinguishes itself by its independence and reliability. Boom uitgevers aims to provide people with reliable and meaningful information that leads to a better understanding, based on a strong commitment to society.

BuDH is a socially responsible company with experience in its field. Our professionals engage with authors and clients alike, providing personal attention and offering appropriate tailor-made solutions based on a flexible approach. By sharing ideas with our clients and authors, and helping them to think things through, our services are always innovative. This makes BuDH an attractive alternative, offering an excellent, innovative range of services for a fair price.

BuDH combines cutting-edge technology and techniques with the trusted, long-established values of traditional publishing, such as professional editorial work, social awareness and giving back to the academic community, based on a sense of responsibility towards society. BuDH dares to share ideas with the new generation of authors and clients, putting it at the forefront of innovation. New, distinctive concepts in combination with the required professional knowledge make BuDH a serious partner in information provision, for academia as well as for those in practice.