Direct Democracy in Comparative Law

Direct Democracy in Comparative Law
  • Author(s): Eloy García, Elisabetta Palici di Suni, and Martin Rogoff
  • ISBN Book: 978-94-6236-844-6, #1 edition
  • ISBN E-Book: 978-94-6274-849-1, #1 edition
  • Year of publication: 2018
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Faced with the variety and complexity of the forms that direct democracy takes today, this book pays attention first to the main stages in which direct democracy has historically evolved, and then considers at greater length the systems currently in place in different countries. The first chapter provides historical background. The two following chapters are devoted to Europe and to the Americas, where direct democracy is most developed. The analysis of the different forms that direct democracy has historically taken and those that characterize contemporary systems should allow a more balanced judgment for or against direct democracy, both in general and in specific contexts.

Information about the author(s)

Eloy García is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University Complutese of Madrid. He is editor of the collection Clásicos del Pensamiento, Tecnos, and author, among the last publications, of: ‘¿Es Constitucional prohibir la reelección del presidente del gobierno para un tercer mandato?’, in Teoría y realidad Constitucional 2018; editor of El Ciudadano contra loe Poderes de Alain, Madrid 2016; Derecho a decidir y democracia. Acerca de la procedencia de admitir supuestos de la “democracia de la identidad” en la Constitución Española de 1978, in El Cronista del Estado Social y Democrático de Derecho, 2015.

Elisabetta Palici di Suni is Professor of Public Comparative Law, University of Torino, Department of Law. President of the first cycle degree course Legal Sciences for Firms and Institutions, University of Turin, Department of Law. Docent of Public Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Justice and Linguistic Rights in Europe. She wrote on Government Legislation, Administrative Procedure, Minorities, Equal Protection, and Constitutional Justice.

Martin Rogoff is Professor of Law, Emeritus at the University of Maine, School of Law in the United States. He teaches and writes in the areas of comparative constitutional law and international law. He has taught and lectured in law schools in Italy and France. His law degree is from Yale Law School and he was awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Université du Maine in Le Mans, France.

Product specifications

Author(s) Eloy García, Elisabetta Palici di Suni, and Martin Rogoff
ISBN Book 978-94-6236-844-6,#1 edition
ISBN E-Book 978-94-6274-849-1,#1 edition
Publication date 6 juni 2018
Number of pages 252 Pages
Series Comparative Public Law Treatise
Brand Eleven International Publishing
Subject(s) Constitutional Law and Human Rights
Language English

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