Law, Science, Rationality

Law, Science, Rationality
  • Author(s): Antonia Waltermann, David Roef, Jaap Hage, and Marko Jelicic
  • ISBN Book: 978-94-6236-989-4, #1 edition
  • Year of publication: 2019
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The edited volume brings together scholars in the field of law and the cognitive sciences, in particular law and the neurosciences. It considers what the relationship between law and the cognitive sciences is and should be from a theoretical perspective, for example by asking in what way and to what extent insights from the cognitive sciences can and should impact legal concepts, rules and paradigms. The topic of criminal responsibility exemplifies this relationship and several authors analyze specific elements of criminal responsibility in light of insights from the cognitive sciences.

Product specifications

Author(s) Antonia Waltermann, David Roef, Jaap Hage, and Marko Jelicic
ISBN Book 978-94-6236-989-4,#1 edition
Expected 23 december 2019
Number of pages 320 Pages
Series Maastricht Law Series
Brand Eleven International Publishing
Subject(s) Law (general)
Language English

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