The Regulation of the Non-Navigational Use of the Euphrates and Tigris River System

The Regulation of the Non-Navigational Use of the Euphrates and Tigris River System
  • International Law Regulating the Distribution and Utilisation of the Water of Euphrates and Tigris Illustrated by the Atatürk and Ilisu Dams
  • Author(s): Nicolas Bremer
  • ISBN E-Book: 978-94-6274-681-7, #1 edition
  • Year of publication: 2017
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The Euphrates Tigris River System is one of the most heavily developed fresh water systems on the planet. Still, its utilization is governed by few rudimentary treaties and agreements. In addition, the ongoing conflict in Syria and northern Iraq and the resulting tensions among the three riparian states – Iraq, Syria and Turkey – leave little hope that more sophisticated means of international cooperation will be established in the near future. Consequently, under international law the large-scale water developments implemented along the rivers and those still contemplated by the riparian states are governed largely by customary law.

This is the first book to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the provisions and principles of public international law governing the utilization of the water of Euphrates and Tigris, while focusing on large dams and hydroelectric power plants to outline how the existing regulations may be applied. It will be of interest to academics in international public law.

Product specifications

Author(s) Nicolas Bremer
ISBN E-Book 978-94-6274-681-7,#1 edition
Publication date 25 april 2017
Number of pages 506 Pages
Brand Eleven
Subject(s) Environmental Law
Language English

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