Remaking justice after sexual violence

What are effective responses to sexual violence? A global social movement is once again challenging sexual violence in all its settings: where we live, work, study, sleep, play, and pray. As more victims and survivors report to the police, speak out in street protests and online spaces, and disclose to psychologists, inquiries, and the media, they face inept and insensitive criminal and civil justice systems. What is to be done? This anthology provides an answer. 

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In Courts We Trust

In this farewell speech on the occasion of his retirement as Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at Maastricht University, given in March 2022, Aalt Willem Heringa discusses the too often ignored role of courts as interpreters of statutes. The courts, by checking the (constitutional) quality of statutes, contribute to the rule of law and parliamentary democracy.

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Essentials in cybercrime
  • W. van der Wagen, J.J. Oerlemans, and M. Weulen Kranenbarg
Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law 2021
  • Marcel Szabó, Laura Gyeney, and Petra Lea Láncos

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Recognition of Foreign Judgments
  • Yuhan Ji
  • Verschenen: 7 juli 2022
Measuring cybercrime in Europe: The role of crime statistics and victimisation surveys
  • Marcelo F. Aebi, Stefano Caneppele, and Lorena Molnar
  • Verschenen: 27 juni 2022
Narrating organised crime stories and Aristotelian principles of drama
  • Petrus C. van Duyne, Paul Larsson, Jackie H. Harvey, Klaus von Lampe, and Georgios A. Antonopoulos
  • Verschenen: 22 juni 2022
Outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Meuse Rhine Euregion
  • Kim C.P. Geurtjens
  • Verschenen: 13 juni 2022

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The CISG and Commodity Sales
  • Carlos Eduardo Fujita
  • Verwacht: 18 augustus 2022
Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems
  • Bert Enserink, Pieter Bots, Els van Daalen, Leon Hermans, Rens Kortmann, Joop Koppenjan, Jan Kwakkel, Tineke Ruijgh, Jill Slinger, and Wil Thissen
  • Verwacht: 1 september 2022
Grammar of the Wealthy Family
  • Alain-Laurent Verbeke, Martin C. Euwema, and Katalien Bollen
  • Verwacht: 15 september 2022
Different Lawyers
  • Eric van de Luijtgaarden
  • Verwacht: 22 september 2022

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Evidence-Based Policymaking in European Union Asylum Law
  • Uit: European Journal of Law Reform
  • Salvatore Fabio Nicolosi
A Citizen-Centric Approach to Evidence-Based Decision-Making under the European Green Deal
  • Uit: European Journal of Law Reform
  • Asmaa Khadim en Hanneke van Eijken
Evidence-Based Legislation in EU Competition Law
  • Uit: European Journal of Law Reform
  • Jasper P. Sluijs
Cross-Border Impact Assessment for EU’s Border Regions
  • Uit: European Journal of Law Reform
  • Martin Unfried, Pim Mertens, Nina Büttgen en Hildegard Schneider
Designing Information Obligations in EU Consumer and Energy Law
  • Uit: European Journal of Law Reform
  • Esther van Schagen, Jaap Baaij en Isabelle Rueda

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