Drone Law and Policy

The drone market largely depends on the successful implementation of a comprehensive international regulatory framework that will allow for safe, secure and environmentally friendly operations, while technologies must be mature enough to ensure full integration of drones into non-segregated airspace in the foreseeable future. Monitoring, evaluating and analysing drone operations is a continuous and systematic process, generating knowledge and best practices, also for streamlining such an all-encompassing regulatory framework.

This book provides an in-depth study on prevailing drone law and policy in order to achieve a seamless integration of drone technology into the legal order of civil aviation.

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Notes from Isolation

This volume includes topics analysing the meaning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social responses to it in various domains: from sex work to wildlife crimes, from new forms of social control in Brazil, Ecuador, Canada and Thailand to the role of music, the symbolism of face masks, the spreading of conspiracy theories, domestic violence, and more.

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