Dismissal Law in the Netherlands

Dismissal Law in the Netherlands
  • A Practical Guide
  • Auteur(s): Mirjam de Blécourt
  • ISBN E-Book: 978-94-6274-521-6, 1e druk
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2016
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In July 2015, dismissal laws in the Netherlands were changed drastically.The objective was to make dismissal laws simpler, fairer, faster and cheaper. However, it has become clear that this objective will not be met. Severance packages have not been diminished to the lower transition payment and themore expensive Cantonal Court formula has not been abolished in practice. Compensation claims are on the rise and dismissing ill employees has become extremely difficult. Explanations of the new laws in the English language are currently wanting. In order to facilitate multinationals and other international clients, Mirjam A.de Blécourt now fills this gap with this practical guide. As the laws are complicated, the booklet is written to guide the reader in a pragmatic and efficient way. 


This guide will be useful to those who work in Human Resources in the Netherlands and have to report in English; to non-Dutch owners and investors with companies in the Netherlands (or who wish to invest in the Netherlands in the future); to lawyers and other advisors who conduct their business in the English language; as well as employees who have been seconded to the Netherlands. It could help them understand Dutch dismissal rules before they sign an employment contract. Finally, the booklet is also of interest to students who are interested in employment and dismissal laws.

Informatie over de auteur(s)

Mirjam de Blécourt is a Partner of Baker& McKenzie, the world’s largest law firm with 77 offices in 47 countries. She leads Baker & McKenzie’s employment practice in Amsterdam, which is one of the most outstanding employment practices in the Netherlands. In addition, she is a trusted advisor to the Boards of Directors of many multinationals. As a collective dismissal specialist, Mirjam conducts and advises on social plan negotiations and related work’s council procedures. She furthermore advises on corporate employment law, including employment consequences of (cross border)mergers & acquisitions, (hostile) takeovers, the dismissal of Managing Directors and golden handshakes. She is also a passionate advocate for the equal representation of males and females in Boards of Directors. She won the Best Legal Women of the Year award in 2011 and 2012, as well as being ranked as Band 1 in Chambers 2015. In 2013 and 2014, Mirjam was named in the ‘Top 200 of Most Influential People in the Netherlands’, composed by the prestigious newspaper De Volkskrant.

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Auteur(s) Mirjam de Blécourt
ISBN E-Book 978-94-6274-521-6,1e druk
Verschenen 5 april 2016
Aantal pagina's 132 pagina's
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Onderwerp(en) Law (general), Arbeidsrecht en socialezekerheidsrecht, Employment and Labour Law
Taal Engels

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