Insurance Aspects of Cross-Border Road Traffic Accidents

Insurance Aspects of Cross-Border Road Traffic Accidents
  • Auteur(s): Luk De Baere and Frits Blees
  • ISBN Boek: 978-94-6236-958-0, 1e druk
  • ISBN E-Book: 978-94-6274-730-2, 1e druk
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2019
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Claims handling of cross-border traffic accidents is a complex process. The rules governing the handling and settling of such accidents often requires in-depth knowledge of a wide range of fields of expertise: the applicable law on liability and compensation, insurance law, the law of the European Union, private international law and – last but not least – the functioning of the various Agreements between national organisations of motor insurers such as the Green Card Bureaux, the national Guarantee Funds etc.

Insurance Aspects of Cross-Border Road Traffic Accidents provides practitioners in the field with the necessary background information. The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the insurance aspects of cross-border road traffic accidents. This new publication will prove extremely useful for professionals of insurance companies, specialists in claims handling organisations, members of staff within national Green Card Bureaux, Guarantee Funds and Compensation Bodies, but also for solicitors, magistrates and legislators.

The authors – both with extensive experience in the subject – deal with various topics such as the Agreements in the framework of the Green Card system and of the protection of victims of accidents occurred in countries other than their country of residence, the rules governing the Guarantee Funds, the legislation of the European Union regarding Motor Third Party Liability insurance, the EU rules on jurisdiction as well as on applicable law. Practical examples clarify complex aspects. Detailed attention is paid to the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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Auteur(s) Luk De Baere and Frits Blees
ISBN Boek 978-94-6236-958-0,1e druk
ISBN E-Book 978-94-6274-730-2,1e druk
Verschenen 23 augustus 2019
Aantal pagina's 410 pagina's
Merk Eleven International Publishing
Onderwerp(en) Law (general)
Taal Engels

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