Remaking justice after sexual violence

Remaking justice after sexual violence
  • Essays in conventional, restorative, and innovative justice
  • Auteur(s): Kathleen Daly
  • ISBN Boek: 978-94-6236-226-0, 1e druk
  • ISBN E-Book: 978-90-8974-984-0, 1e druk
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2022
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What are effective responses to sexual violence? A global social movement is once again challenging sexual violence in all its settings: where we live, work, study, sleep, play, and pray. As more victims and survivors report to the police, speak out in street protests and online spaces, and disclose to psychologists, inquiries, and the media, they face inept and insensitive criminal and civil justice systems. What is to be done? This anthology provides an answer. 

Kathleen Daly has been writing on crime and justice for four decades, joining empirical inquiry with feminist, critical race, criminological, and socio-legal theories. This anthology of 11 previously published works (1989 to 2020) and two new essays shows the evolution of her ideas on the strengths and limits of conventional, restorative, and innovative justice in response to sexual violence. Daly argues that ‘what is to be done’ is to remake justice as if victims and survivors mattered. This entails blending criminal justice with innovative justice mechanisms and providing a menu of options for victims and admitted offenders within and outside conventional justice. 

About the book series Studies in Restorative Justice
Restorative justice offers a unique approach to crime and victimisation and a change of course from the traditional preoccupation with retribution and transgression of rules in the criminal justice system. This book series aspires to highlight the many accomplishments achieved through the use of restorative justice practices in response to crime and social conflict. It is a collection of groundbreaking theoretical essays on the principles, uses and versatility of restorative justice as well as state-of-the-art empirical research into the implementation of restorative justice practices, experiences in these programmes and evaluation of its impact on victim recovery, reoffending and community capacity building. Contributors include established scholars and promising new scholars.

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Informatie over de auteur(s)

Kathleen Daly is professor of criminology and criminal justice at Griffith University, Brisbane. Her prize-winning books include Gender, Crime, and Punishment (1994) and Redressing Institutional Abuse of Children (2014). 

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Auteur(s) Kathleen Daly
ISBN Boek 978-94-6236-226-0,1e druk
ISBN E-Book 978-90-8974-984-0,1e druk
Verschenen 28 maart 2022
Aantal pagina's 383 pagina's
Reeks Studies in Restorative Justice
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