South Asian Constitutional Systems

South Asian Constitutional Systems
  • Redactie: Domenico Amirante
  • ISBN Boek: 978-94-9094-715-6, 1e druk
  • ISBN E-Book: 978-90-5454-659-7, 1e druk
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2020
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This book examines the South Asian constitutional systems (India 1950, Bangladesh 1972, Pakistan 1973, Sri Lanka 1978, Bhutan 2008, Nepal 2015), adopting a comparative law and ‘contextual’ approach. Social diversity is the main feature of this geographical region, vast in dimension, also according to its demographic profile. This is why studying this area from a legal and institutional perspective is not only a crucial need for comparative law, but also a major methodological and intellectual challenge. The adopted methodology, that goes far beyond legal orientalism, highlights the pragmatic attitude of South Asian legal systems, considering the achievements of constitutionalism in this area as genuinely worthy of in-depth analysis, and not as mere replicas of Western standards. The most interesting contribution of this study concerns the relations between federalism and the multicultural State, showing that the recognition of cultural diversity is the starting point for the elaboration of a constitutional order aimed at ensuring the cohesion of State structures.

Informatie over de auteur(s)

Domenico Amirante is Full Professor in Comparative Constitutional Law and Director of the PhD Course in Comparative Law and Processes of Integration at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Department of Political Science.
Carmine Petteruti is Assistant Professor in Public Law at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli.
Maddalena Zinzi is Assistant Professor in Comparative Administrative Law at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli.
Luigi Colella is Research Fellow in Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli.
Pasquale Viola is PhD in Comparative Law and Processes of Integration, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Charles University.
Alessandro Cenerelli is Lawyer and PhD in Comparative Law and Processes of Integration

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Redactie Domenico Amirante
ISBN Boek 978-94-9094-715-6,1e druk
ISBN E-Book 978-90-5454-659-7,1e druk
Verschenen 16 juni 2020
Aantal pagina's 220 pagina's
Reeks Comparative Public Law Treatise
Merk Eleven International Publishing
Onderwerp(en) Constitutional Law and Human Rights
Taal Engels

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